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Why Polls?

Because unlike every other colligate sport and every other division of college football, division one college football does not have a playoff system, and thus does not have an officially recognized national champion, the polls are all that we have. 

Most would agree, a playoff system would be best, but the "plus one" which coming in the furture, is better than the current state. It is really a four team playoff. Nevertheless, getting into that playoff will have much to do with the polls.

Here at College Football Polls, you can check on the latest college football polls and see the history of past polls.

Asscoated Press College Football Poll

The AP college football poll is one of the oldest still in existence and has a long history. Some of the problems with the poll is that the first ranking is before the season and teams not rank high in the opening poll have a very difficult time moving ahead of higher ranked teams. Because of the long-standing historical ties between high revenue generating bowl games like the Rose Bowl, Sugar and Orange Bowl and the major college football conferences the NCAA has never held a tournament or championship game to determine the champion of the highest division in college football. The Football Bowl Subdivision, (formerly, NCAA Division I-A) does not have a championship but the lower divisions do hold championship tournaments. As a result of there being no Division One championship game, playoff or tournament, The AP and other news organizations began having their own polls of sports writers to determine who was, in the opinion of the writers, the best football team in the country. These polls were at the end of the season, some counting the bowl game and some not counting the bowl game. The Associated Press College Football Poll was one of the earliest such polls. The AP Poll, first run in 1934 and then continuously from 1936 on. The public and the media began to take the leading vote-getter in the final AP Poll as the national champion for that season. read more

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USA Today Coaches' Football Poll

The USA Today Coaches'  Poll was UPI, (United Press International,) poll from 1950 until 1990. After that, in the 1991 year, USA Today and CNN took over the coaches' poll. Then in 1997, ESPN replaced CNN as co-sponsor of the coaches' poll. Following the 2005 season, as a result of controversial voting practices related to the BCS, (Bowl Championship Series), ESPN dropped its co-sponsorship of the football poll, leaving USA Today as the sole sponsor. Beginning in the 1974 season, the poll of coaches conducted its final poll after the bowl games for the first time. 

Although the coaches' football poll is often generally in accord with the AP Poll, there are important differences. Eleven times the Coaches Poll has crowned a different national champion...  read more

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Morris Football Poll

The Morris Poll is a computer generated composite poll made up of four inputs.  The  average of the AP poll and the Coach's Poll are weighted 40% of the total.

A computer algorithm which generates power ratings of each Division 1 team is also 40% of the total. These power ratings are formulated to not only reflect the wins and loses of each team, but also the strength for their competition to sixteen levels. The mathematics behind the power ratings are a closely guarded secret because historically they can predict the outcome of a particular game to such a high degree of accuracy that it would undermine the game... read more

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Other Division 1 Football Polls

Harris Interactive College Football Poll - the  Top 25 results compiled from rankings submitted by the Harris Interactive panel of former coaches, players and administrators, and current and former members of the media.

Jeff Sagarin NCAA football ratings

Billingsley Report on Major College Football

Colley's Bias Free College Football Rankings

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